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With Just Law you will have complete technical supervision over your online assets 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We have the experience your law practice needs to grow. Our people are skilled in branding, we understand attractive aesthetic, and most importantly we can deliver the metrics that matter — connecting real customers to your law firm.

We listen to your marketing needs and we deliver

When you are responsible for the management and success of a local law practice there are many professional and administrative stresses that present themselves on a monthly basis. Making marketing decisions is just one more line item that often gets pushed down the list. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

At Just Law we recognize the operational stresses that come with firm ownership and we’ve developed our marketing service to remove the pressures of managing and financing a marketing strategy.

We are like your in-house marketing team

Working with Just Law is comparable to having an in-house marketing department for your practice. As your services, staff, or even location(s) change, simply send us a message and we will update your online presence to reflect the new developments within your firm. And yes, all updates are included in the subscription.

Our professional, university-educated writers will prepare and edit all site content and will update your online resources as necessary, (or anytime at your request).

Turn-key digital marketing services

Just Dental is a complete turn-key digital marketing service. Our subscription services does not touch or interfere with your current marketing efforts, hosting, POS, or office communications. Our lead generation service works independently of any existing websites or technology running in your firm. It should be noted that you will not ever receive bills or administrative notices regarding your hosting, domain, or dedicated toll-free number that we run for your account. These costs are all included within your subscription.

We don’t have billable hours. Just our subscription.

Canadian Dental MarketingReal service implies real people working to improve your state of business. There is something inherently distasteful about being charged for every email, phone call, and minute of work. We put our monthly efforts into making your business better, not to charge you more, but to forge a long-standing and fiscally sustainable business relationship that we can all refer to as a success.


A Just Law representative will contact you promptly upon receiving your request and can explain how your firm can become a subscribing client of Just Law’s pay-per-performance lead generation service.

Alternatively, call us directly at 1.780.953.8798 and get our marketing team working for your firm today.

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